General English

  • noun music played for a singer


  • noun support, especially financial support


  • The bevel applied to the upper edge of a hip rafter.
  • Positioning furring onto joists to create a level surface on which to lay floorboards.
  • Furring applied to the inside angles of walls or partitions to provide solidcorners for securing wallboard.
  • The first coat of plaster on lath.
  • The unseen or unfinished inner face of a wall.
  • coursed masonry applied over an extrados of an arch.
  • interior wall bricks concealed by the facing bricks.
  • The wainscoting between a floor and a window.
  • The material under the pile or facing of a carpet.
  • The stone used for random rubble walls.

Information & Library Science

Media Studies

  • noun the accompaniment for a solo musician or singer of popular music