General English


  • A platform that protrudes from a building. It can be cantilevered or supported from below, and is usually protected by a railing or balustrade.
  • A gallery protruding over the main floor of an auditorium; usually provides additional seating.
  • In a theater, an elevated platform used as part of a permanent stage setting.

Real Estate

  • noun a platform projecting from the interior or exterior wall of a building, usually enclosed by a rail or parapet


  • A US and Canadian term for any circle or galleryin the auditorium of a theater.


  • noun an upstairs section of the auditorium of a theatre or cinema, above the stalls

Origin & History of “balcony”

Balcony entered English from Italian balcone, but it seems to be ultimately of Germanic origin. It was probably borrowed into Old Italian, with the meaning ‘scaffold’. from Germanic *balkon ‘beam’, source of English balkperhaps from the notion of a platform or scaffold being built from beams of timber, although the connection is not altogether clear.