General English


  • verb (of a fast bowler) to pitch the ball rather short of a length, with a pronounced follow through, in order to extract the maximum possible bounce, especially if the wicket is slow or lifeless
    Citation ‘The onslaught of Lindwall and Miller had been vehement but not always technically exacting. Too much short stuff to the off was banged down’ (Cardus 1978)
    Citation ‘Imran’s spell was fascinating because instead of banging the ball in on this lifeless wicket, he swung the ball and moved it off the seam’ (Z. H. Syed, Cricketer March 1983)

Media Studies

  • noun an exclamation mark (!)


  • noun in typesetting, the character !


  • noun a brothel. The word is now rather archaic, but is still heard among older speakers.
  • verb to be an active gang member. From the parlance of Los Angeles street gangs of the late 1980s, derived from the specific sense of gangbanger.
  • verb to do something stupid. An item of street slang in London since 2000.