bar chart


General English

  • noun a diagram where quantities are shown as thick columns of different heights.

General Science

  • noun a graph on which values are represented as vertical or horizontal bars of different heights or lengths


  • noun a chart where values or quantities are shown as columns of different heights set on a base line, the different lengths expressing the quantity of the item or unit.


  • A chart that graphically describes activities on a work-versus-time scale, illustrating planned start and completion dates for the various project activities. See also gantt chart.


  • (written as Bar Chart)
    A graphical representation of currency pricing that displays certain prices for a trading period. The open and close prices are shown by short lines extending to the left and right, respectively, of a vertical bar which connects the low and high prices for the period.

Health Economics

  • (written as Bar Chart)
    A diagram showing the distribution of a non- continuous variable (e.g. social class) in which the (usually) vertical height of the equal width columns (bars) above each value is proportional to the relative frequency of observations in that category of the variable. For example, the chart below shows the frequency with which words of various lengths appear in the first sentence of this entry (with 'e.g.' counting as a two-letter word).
  • synonymhistogram
    (written as Bar Chart)
  • synonymHistogram

Information & Library Science

  • noun a graph in which the data is represented by horizontal or vertical bars.


  • synonymbar graph