General English

General Science

  • noun a large cylindrical container for liquids such as beer, wine and oil
  • noun the amount of a liquid contained in a standard barrel of 42 US gallons, used as a measure of the quantity of crude oil produced and equal to 159 litres or 35 imperial gallons

Cars & Driving


  • noun a conducting post in a terminal


  • A unit of weight measure for Portland cement, equivalent to four bags or 376 pounds.
  • A standard cylindrical vessel with a liquid capacity of 31-1/2 gallons.
  • That part of a pipe where the bore and wall thickness remain uniform.


  • A wooden cask with specially shaped wooden staves forming the sides which are held together with iron hoops which when knocked down from either end compress all the staves together to make the sides watertight. Used for wine, beer, salted herrings, olives and the like.
  • A liquid measure equivalent to 159 litres, 42 US gallons or 35 imperial gallons


  • noun the tube part of a gun, down which the bullet or shell slides when it is fired


  • noun a gun. An item of street jargon from the 1990s employing the rhetorical device of synecdoche, i.e. naming the whole from a constituent part.


  • see batten.


  • a wooden, normally oak, container used to store wine for a period of time to add flavour and age the wine, A standard French barrel, typically used in the Bordeaux region, is called a barrique and contains 225 litres of wine.


  • abbreviationbbl