Bartolomé de Torres Naharro



  • (c. 1485 - c. 1524) One of Spain's firstimportant dramatists. He founded the comic tradition in the Spanishtheater (although his comedies were so bawdy they were banned by theChurch) and wrote the first published Renaissance theory of drama.

    Torres Naharro was ordained as a young man and spent muchof his adult life in service to noblemen in Italy. His plays werepublished in 1517 in one volume, Propalladia. In the prefacehe divided his plays into comedias a noticia, involving things"noted and seen in true reality", and comedias a fantasía,about things "fantastic or feigned, which though not true havethe colour of truth". His realistic works included Comediasoldadesca, concerning a bragging Spanish captain, and Comediatinellaria, about the lives of servants in an Italian palace.An example of his fantastic plays is Comedia Himenea, his mostfamous work; based on La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas,the piece foreshadows the later cloak-and-sword play.