General English

  • noun a large or small bowl, especially one for holding or mixing food items

General Science

  • noun a large low-lying area of land, drained by a large river system or surrounding an ocean


  • A somewhat circular natural or excavated hollow or depression having sloping sides and usually used for holding water.
  • A similarly shaped plumbing fixture, such as a sink.


  • A wide flattish dish

Real Estate

  • noun an open metal, ceramic, or plastic container with sloping sides, typically used for holding water or washing

Origin & History of “basin”

Basin comes via Old French bacin from medieval Latin *bacchinus, a derivative of vulgar Latin *bacca ‘water vessel’, which may originally have been borrowed from Gaulish. The Old French diminutive bacinet produced English basinet ‘helmet’ (14th c.) and, with a modification of the spelling, bassinette ‘cradle’ (19th c.), which was originally applied in French to any vaguely basin-shaped object.