General English


  • noun a point or number from which calculations are made
  • noun the general terms of agreement or general principles on which something is decided or done


  • noun
    (written as BASIS)
    a scheme for registering distributors of chemicals used to protect crops, so that dangerous chemicals are stored and used correctly.
  • acronym forBritish Agrochemicals Standards Inspection Scheme
    (written as BASIS)


  • noun the central and most important part of something from which everything else is derived


  • Written documentation that describes how an estimate, schedule, or other plan component was developed and defines the information used in support of development. A basis document commonly includes, but is not limited to, a description of the scope included, methodologies used, references and defining deliverables used, assumptions and exclusions made, clarifications, adjustments, and some indication of the level of uncertainty.


  • (written as Basis)
    The difference between a currency's cash value and its future value. Forex participants will sometimes use the basis rather than the actual value when making a trade.