General English


  • noun a group of items which are made at one time
  • verb to put items together in groups


  • noun a group of documents which are processed at the same time

Cars & Driving

  • noun the number of things produced as a group
  • noun a mixture of natural and/or synthetic rubbers with various ingredients, such as fillers, chemicals, and vulcanizing agents, used in tyre production


  • noun a group of tasks or amount of data to be processed as a single unit
  • verb to put data or tasks together in groups


  • The quantity produced as the result of one mixing operation, as in a batch of concrete.


  • In computers, a group or set of items, such as records, documents, or programs, which are utilized as a unit. This is usually accomplished without concurrent user intervention.
  • In networks, a group of messages which are transmitted as a unit.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a group of things which are made or dealt with all at one time