• A narrow strip of wood used as siding to cover the joints of parallel boards or plywood. The resultant pattern is referred to as board and batten.
  • A strip of wood placed perpendicular to several parallel pieces of wood to hold them together.
  • A furring strip fastened to a wall to provide a base for lathing or plastering.
  • In roofing, a strip of wood placed over boards or roof structural members to provide a base for the application of wood or slate shingles, or clay tiles.
  • The steel strip that fastens the metal flooring on a fire escape.

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  • noun a thin strip of wood used in building, e.g. to seal or reinforce a joint or to support laths, slates or tiles
  • noun a long narrow piece of wood used for flooring


  • A length of wood or metal that is used to hang lights or scenery,to stiffen a flat or board, or to join flats together. Ametal batten is sometimes called a barrel or spot barin Britain and a pipe or pipe batten in America.One common type of light batten comprises a series of floodlightsmounted in a row of compartments and connected to three or four differentcircuits for colour mixing. This is known in Britain as a compartmentbatten or magazine batten and in America as a striplight or border light. The arrangement provides a moreeven but dimmer light than individual floodlights.