General English

  • noun the player who has the bat and hits the ball


  • To incline from the vertical.
  • A slope, such as that of the outer side of a wall, that is wider at the bottom than at the top.


  • noun a batsman
    Citation ‘Upon coming to the old batters of our club, the name of JOHN SMALL, the elder, shines among them’ (Nyren 1833 in HM)
    Citation ‘An orthodox batter, she [Lyn Fullston] performed well in this tournament’ (Cashman & Weaver 1991)


  • A basic mixture of flour, milk and eggs with possible added flavourings, made either to pouring consistency for pancakes, drop scones, Yorkshire pudding, etc. or to coating (i.e. more viscous) consistency for fritters, cromesquis, bhajias, etc
  • A general term used in North America for any soft mixture made from flour including cake and scone mixes, etc. as well as batter proper


  • verb to hit someone or something hard

Media Studies


  • verb to cause damage or injury by hitting repeatedly


  • noun especially in baseball, a player who bats


  • noun a thin liquid mixture of flour, eggs and milk, used e.g. for making pancakes or toad-in-the-hole, or for coating fish before frying