Baumé scale



  • A complicated scale of density originally based on brine and equivalent to the percentage by weight of salt in a salt and water solution at 15.5°C. Also used for sugar syrups but this has no simple relationship to sugar concentration. Written °B or °Bé. The relationship between °Bé and specific gravity is °Bé = 145 – (145/specific gravity), e.g. a 50 per cent sugar solution, specific gravity 1.23, is 27°Bé.


  • a system used in much of Europe for indicating the sugar content of a liquid such as grape juice by its density or specific gravity. This scale is similar to the Brix system used in the US but 1 degree on the Baumé scale is approximately equal to 1.8 degrees on the Brix system. The Baumé scale directly correlates to the final alcohol per unit volume for a wine with one degree equal to 1 per cent alcohol.