General English


  • noun the angle, measured in a clockwise direction, of a distant point, relative to a reference direction
  • noun a device containing steel balls or needles which allows free rotation of one component around another

Cars & Driving

  • noun a device which supports or positions a usually rotating or reciprocating part such as a shaft, especially in such a way that little or no friction results


  • That section of a structural member, such as a column, beam, or truss, that rests on the supports.
  • A device used to support or steady a shaft, axle, or trunnion.
  • In surveying, the horizontal angle between a reference direction, such as true north, and a given line.
  • Descriptive of any wall that provides support to the floor and/or roof of a building.


  • The horizontal direction from one object or point to another, measured clockwise in degrees from a reference line. Also called azimuth (1).
  • A device which supports another which moves, such as a rotor in a motor.


  • noun an influence or effect


  • noun a direction, in mils or degrees, of a feature on the ground in relation to north