General English


  • noun a girl or woman. The term, typically used by male college and high-school students, may be either pejorative or appreciative.
  • noun the beast heroin. A drug-users’ ironic nickname.
  • noun a sex offender, in prison slang. A more recent synonym for nonce.
  • noun an ugly or unattractive male. The term is used by females.
  • verb to bully, oppress, humiliate. The word is part of the jargon of prisoners and prison officers.
  • verb to move or act quickly and/or forcefully. The term is used in this sense in the school playground and armed forces.

Origin & History of “beast”

Beast replaced deer as the general word for ‘animal’ in the 13th century (deer of course remained in use for antlered animals of the family Cervidae), and was itself replaced by animal in the 17th century. It entered English via Old French beste from Latin bēstia (source of English bestial (14th c.)).