Ben Travers



  • (1886 - 1980) British playwright, who was the king of farcein the 1920s. He wrote his first, The Dippers, in 1922. Hissubsequent comedies were known as the Aldwych farces, beingfirst performed at the Aldwych Theatre, London. This seriesbegan with three works acknowledged as his best: A Cuckoo in theNest (1925), Rookery Nook (1926), which ran for409 performances, and Thark (1927), which was included in theNational Theatre's opening repertory in 1976. While Plunder(1928) was his last great success, Travers continued to write suchfarces as A Bit of a Test (1933) and Banana Ridge (1939).His last, The Bed Before Yesterday (1975), was produced inhis 90th year. Despite a somewhat late start - he wrote his firstplay when he was 36 - Travers enjoyed the longest career of any playwrightin the British theater, exceeding even that of George Bernard Shaw.