Cars & Driving

  • noun a workbench, also used to mean a test bed for engines


  • A long seat, with or without a back, made in any of several materials, such as wood, metal, or fiberglass, and usually accommodating more than one person.
  • One step, level, or shelf in a cut or excavation that is performed in several layers.


  • noun a place where judges or magistrates sit in court


  • noun a long seat for several people, as found in the Houses of Parliament.


  • noun a long seat in a gym, used for lying on when doing exercises
  • noun in team sports, the seats for players not taking part on the field or court
  • verb in team sports, to exclude or remove a member of a sports team from play

Origin & History of “bench”

Old English benc goes back to Germanic *bangk-, also the source of English bank (the related German bank means ‘bench’). The Northern and Scottish English versions of the word were benk and bink. The specific application to the seat on which a judge sits arose in the 13th century.