General English

  • adjective curved or twisted


  • noun stiff-stemmed grasses of the genus Agrostis, found in hill pastures and tolerant of poor conditions.
  • noun old dry stalks of dead grass



  • adjective corrupt, stolen or illegal


  • adjective sexually deviant, homosexual. A common term in Britain, mainly in working-class usage, since the 1940s. A London variant popular in the 1960s was ‘as bent as a nine bob note’ (a non-existent, obviously forged denomination).
  • adjective drunk or under the influence of drugs. This usage is rather archaic, but the longer ‘bent out of shape’ is still heard among college students and preppies.
  • adjective angry, furious. This seems to be an armed-forces term in origin. It is also more usual in the form ‘bent out of shape’.