Beyond the Fringe



  • A satirical revue by Oxbridge undergraduates that became a legendary hitin Britain and America and launched its four performers as international stars.It was co-written by Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, and Alan Bennett,who were joined on stage by Dudley Moore. The short memorable sketches,delivered by the four wearing dark suits, satirized everything from churchsermons and Shakespearean productions to capital punishment; Cook also performeda gruesome imitation of the then Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.Introduced at the 1959 Edinburgh Fringe (hence the title), the revuemoved a year later to Edinburgh's Lyceum Theatre and then in 1961to London's Fortune Theatre. It subsequently ran for a year at theJohn Golden Theatre on Broadway, captivating US audiences. "Itbecame a very chic show in New York," noted Cook. "Itsvery Englishness gave it built-in snob appeal." In London therevue ran for six years with a changing cast.