• noun a temporary agreement for insurance sent before the insurance policy is issued


Cars & Driving

  • noun a non-volatile portion of a paint, which binds or cements the pigment particles together, and the paint film as a whole to the material to which it is applied


  • noun money paid as part of the initial agreement to purchase property



  • Almost any cementing material, either hydrated cement or a product of cement or lime and reactive siliceous materials. The kinds of cement and the curing conditions determine the general type of binder formed.
  • Any material, such as asphalt or resin, that forms the matrix of concretes, mortars, and sanded grouts.
  • That ingredient of an adhesive composition that is principally responsible for the adhesive properties that actually hold the two bodies together.
  • In paint, that nonvolatile ingredient, such as oil, varnish, protein, or size, that serves to hold the pigment particles together in a coherent film.
  • A stirrup or other similar contrivance, usually of small-diameter rod, that functions to hold together the main steel in a reinforced concrete beam or column.


  • A substance, such as a lacquer, resin, or cement, which helps provide consistency, cohesion, or mechanical strength. Used, for instance, to help a phosphor adhere to a screen.
  • A group of 25 twisted pair wires within a cable sheath. Each group is color-coded for identification. Also called binder group.
  • A program that allows two or more programs to be combined in a manner that results in a single executable file. Used, for instance, by those who wish to maliciously include a Trojan horse within another application, such as a game.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a person or company that specialises in binding books


  • noun a temporary acknowledgement of a contract of insurance sent before the insurance policy is issued

Media Studies

  • noun a machine that fastens pages together in the form of a book
  • noun a firm cover that can hold separate items such as sheets of paper or magazines securely together


  • noun a bandage which is wrapped round a limb to support it