• adjective being a legal requirement that someone does something

Cars & Driving

  • noun the rubbing of brake shoes against the drum or of brake pads against the disc
  • noun a strip material turned over along the edge of a carpet or mat


  • As an adjective, this refers to a restriction that is met exactly, and is therefore having an effect on behavior, in contrast to nonbinding.
  • As a noun, see tariff binding.


  • That which is utilized to secure.
  • In a computer language, an association, such as that between an operation and a symbol.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the act of putting a cover on a book


  • adjective having the ability to force someone to do something

Media Studies

  • noun the material that is used to fasten the pages of a book or booklet together


  • noun one of the fastenings on a ski or snowboard that hold the ski to the boot


  • adjective the act of sticking things together
  • noun a small belt for attaching boots to skis