General English


  • A crisp, dry, small, flat, baked, sweet or savoury cake
  • masculine sponge cake

Media Studies

  • noun the connecting mechanism that allows the attachment of the plate on the bottom of a camera to the head of a tripod


  • noun an attractive person. The term, heard in the late 1990s, can be used by, and of, either sex.

Origin & History of “biscuit”

Biscuit means literally ‘twice-cooked’ – from the method of cooking, in which the biscuits are returned to the oven after the initial period of baking in order to become dry or crisp. The original source of the word was probably a medieval Latin *biscoctus, from bis ‘twice’ and coctus ‘cooked’, the past participle of coquere (which is related to English cook). It reached English via Old French biscut.