General English



  • A dark red to black soft fruit, Rubus fruticosus, which grows on long rambling canes in late summer. The berries consist of a large number of individual sacs of juice each containing a seed and all gathered in an elongated sphere. Available wild or cultivated they are used for pies, jam or stewed fruit, often teamed with apples.

Media Studies

  • (written as BlackBerry)
    a trade name for a hand-held wireless device which combines e-mail and Internet access, a phone and software applications


  • noun a small soft black berry, growing on plants with long spines, eaten in jams and pies.


  • a taste or aroma associated with dark-coloured, full-bodied red wines such as those made from the Malbec, Tannat, Zinfandel or Mourvèdre grape varieties