General English

General Science

  • noun an inflated modified leaf of a plant that traps insects, e.g. bladderwort, or an inflated fruit, e.g. senna pod
  • noun the organ in which urine is stored before being passed out of the body.


  • noun any sac in the body, especially the sac where the urine collects before being passed out of the body


  • noun a huge inflatable rubber container, which is used to store fuel or water at a POL or water point

Origin & History of “bladder”

Old English blǣdre came from a hypothetical west and north Germanic *blǣdrōn, a derivative of the stem *blǣ-, from which we get blow. The name perhaps comes from the bladder’s capacity for inflation. It was originally, and for a long time exclusively, applied to the urinary bladder.