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  • noun the process of draining a certain amount of fluid from a hydraulic system
  • noun a paint fault where pigment from the original or base colour dissolves in the top coat and becomes visible as a stain of a different colour


  • The autogenous flow of mixing water within, or its emergence from, freshly placed concrete or mortar. Bleeding is caused by the settlement of the solid materials within the mass. Also called water grain.
  • In painting, seepage of resin or an undercoating of paint through the finish coat.
  • In lumber, the exuding of sap or resin.


  • noun an unusual loss of blood from the body through the skin, through an orifice or internally


  • adjective an intensifying term, currently out of fashion except in the expression ‘(the) bleedin’ obvious’, but widespread in the 1960s when it was significantly stronger than bloody. This usage probably dates from the 19th century in working-class speech.