General English

  • noun something, especially a substance, made by mixing different things together
  • verb to go well together


  • verb to mix things together


  • noun a mixture, used especially of mixtures of different types of tea


  • a mixture of different wines or grape varieties intended to result in a more balanced wine or a particular style of wine

Origin & History of “blend”

Old English had a verb blendan, but it meant ‘make blind’ or ‘dazzle’. modern English blend appears to come from blend-, the present stem of Old Norse blanda ‘mix’ (a relative of Old English blandan ‘mix’). The ultimate source of this is not clear, but it does not seem to be restricted to Germanic (Lithuanian has the adjective blandus ‘thick’ in relation to soup), so it may not be too far-fetched to suggest a link with blind, whose Indo-European ancestor *bhlendhos meant among other things ‘confused’.