blind spot


General English

General Science

  • noun a part of an auditorium where the performance cannot be heard clearly
  • noun the area of the retina without rods or cones where the optic nerve enters

Cars & Driving

  • noun an area not visible from the driver’s seat


  • noun a point on the wicket – usually at a good length (
    See length
    ) and roughly in a line with leg stump – where the ball, when pitching, causes the maximum difficulty for the batsman, either because he is momentarily unable to see the ball or because he is uncertain whether to play forward or back
    Citation ‘A good-length ball pitching on or just outside the leg-stump is the most likely of all to light upon the “blind spot”’ (Ranjitsinhji 1897)
    Citation ‘It is worth suggesting that what is known as the blind spot is a spot created by the batsman himself when his head is in such a position with regard to the ball that his eyes have no chance’ (C.B. Fry, Cricket: Batsmanship 1912)


  • In radio communications, an area within the normal range of a transmitter where radio reception is poor or non-existent. May be caused, for instance, by large objects in the vicinity of the receiver. Also called dead spot (1).

Media Studies

  • noun a place where radio reception is poor, even though it is within the normal range of the transmitter


  • noun the point in the retina where the optic nerve joins it, which does not register light


  • noun a location in which it is impossible to send or receive radio transmissions

Idiom of “blind spot”

any subject or person that one cannot objectively or rationally discuss, etc