Bobèche and Galimafré



  • The stage names of the French comic actors Antoine Mandelot(1791 - 1840) and Auguste Guérin (1790 - 1870) respectively.Bobèche wore a red jacket and grey tricorn hat topped by abutterfly antennae. He was joined by Galimafré at a booth atthe Boulevard du Temple fairground in Paris, where they revived the18th-century parades; they also played in private homes.However, Napoleon was not amused by Bobèche's topical politicaljokes, and the actor was forced into exile, returning after the Restorationto a renewed but brief success. He subsequently moved into the provincesas a manager. Galimafré retired from performing in 1814, joiningthe stage staff at the Théâtre de la Gâitéand then the Opéra-Comique in Paris. A play based on theirlives was written by the Cogniard brothers and produced in 1837 atthe Théâtre du Palais-Royal.