General Science


  • A closed vessel in which a liquid is heated or vaporized, either by application of heat to the outside of the vessel, by circulation of heat through tubes within the vessel, or by circulating heat around liquid-filled tubes in the vessel.

Real Estate

  • noun a large tank in which water is heated and stored, either as hot water or as steam, and used for heating a property


  • noun a woman. A contemptuous, derogatory term, implying a lack of both attractiveness and intelligence, commonly used by young working-class males. The phrase ‘dodgy boiler’ suggests the extra possibility of sexually transmitted diseases. The word in this sense originated pre-World War II when it referred to an older woman with the dimensions and explosive attributes of the contraption. An alternative derivation is from ‘boiler’ as used to denote a tough or scrawny chicken.


  • noun a piece of kitchen equipment, which heats water for making hot drinks and also provides steam