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  • noun a routine in a program designed to crash the system or destroy data at a particular time


  • A complete and unexpected program or system halt. Caused by a program deficiency or a hardware failure. Also called abnormal termination, abnormal end, or crash (1).


  • noun an explosive device used as a weapon, consisting of a strong metal container containing explosive material together with a priming device
  • verb to attack with bombs


  • verb to put one’s tag (personal signature) on a building. From the jargon of graffiti artists.

Origin & History of “bomb”

Bomb is ultimately of onomatopoeic origin, and can probably be traced back to Greek bómbos, a word for a booming or buzzing sound. this passed into Latin as bombus, the probable source of Italian bomba, which acquired more explosive connotations. English got the word via French bombe. The derivative bombard preceded bomb into English, in the 15th century.