• noun an important time when a newly-born young animal becomes ‘tied’ to its mother in the period just after birth. The young animal then begins to imitate its mother and learn from her.


  • The linking of atoms by bonds of electrons which gives rise to chemical compounds. Chemical bonds cannot exist at high temperatures, so that they are common in planets and other comparatively cool parts of the universe, including interstellar space, but only in the coolest stars, where chemical bonds produce distinctive spectra, especially in the infrared.


  • In electrical circuitry, the connecting or joining of metal parts to form an electrical conductive path. Prevents the accumulation of static electricity and assures the safe conduction of electrical current.


  • The uniting of two or more items by means of a force or substance.
  • The uniting of two or more items so that they function as one.
  • The forming of a unit between atoms by means of sufficient attractive forces.
  • The electrically interconnecting objects so that they have the same potential.


  • noun the process by which a psychological link is formed between a baby and its mother


  • noun the formation of a close emotional tie between people, e.g. the establishment of a relationship between members of a team