General English

General Science

  • noun a website address stored in a web browser that allows the user to move straight to the website at a later date without re-typing the address


  • noun a code inserted at a particular point in a document that allows the user to move straight to that point at a later date


  • A marker that identifies a Web address, so that it can be returned to easily once set. A Web browser saves such bookmarks. Also called browser bookmark.
  • A marker inserted into a specific location within a document, so that it can be returned to easily.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a narrow strip of material or paper used to mark the place in a book where the reader has stopped reading temporarily
  • noun a code used by a multimedia title or web browser that allows the user to go back to the same point again in the future


  • noun a software tool in a web browser that enables users to select and store webpages that they want to look at often and to access them quickly and conveniently
  • verb to make a special mental note of somebody or something so that you remember them in the future

Media Studies

  • noun the address of a website that is stored on a computer so that it can be revisited easily
  • noun an electronic marker that enables the user to return quickly to a particular place in a document
  • verb to list a website on a computer for future reference


  • noun the address of an Internet site, saved so that the user can easily return to the site
  • verb to add an Internet address to a list of bookmarks