General English

General Science

  • noun a sudden loud noise, especially one caused by an aircraft travelling at speeds greater than the speed of sound


  • noun a time when sales, production or business activity are increasing


  • noun in some aircraft, a spar that connects the tail to the fuselage


  • verb to expand or to become prosperous


  • A long, straight member, hinged at one end, and used for lifting heavy objects by means of cables and/or hydraulics. Booms can be of lattice construction or heavy tubular material.


  • A movable mechanical support utilized to enable a device or instrument to be placed in a desired location. Used, for example, to suspend a camera above a scene to obtain an overhead view.

Media Studies

  • noun a long, adjustable pole, used during filming to suspend a microphone above what is being filmed without getting in shot


  • noun a stereo cassette player, particularly one fitted in a car. A teenagers’ term recorded in California in 1987.
  • noun a party. A teenagers’ term in use in Britain and the USA since the early 1980s.


  • noun a beam to which the bottom edge of a sail is attached in order to hold the sail at an advantageous angle to the wind


  • A batten upon which stage lighting is mounted, positionedeither vertically in the wings or horizontally over the acting area.The term is also used for the light itself.