General English


  • noun help given to increase something


  • noun an instrument for marking sheep, usually with hot tar, often bearing the owner’s initials

Cars & Driving

  • noun additional power, pressure or charge, especially the pressure from a supercharger.
  • verb to increase (power, charge, pressure, etc.), amplify (an audio signal, etc.)


  • To increase, amplify, or reinforce. For instance, to increase voltage, or to boost bass response in an audio system at low-volume settings.

Media Studies

  • noun a promotion or advertising campaign


  • verb to steal. Originally from black slang, perhaps influenced by lift, hoist and heist, the term is now in general use among young people. It usually refers to petty theft, often shoplifting.
  • verb to assist or help. Recorded as an item of Sowetan slang in the Cape Sunday Times, 29 January 1995.