General English


  • noun a fast short-pitched ball that rises after pitching so as to reach or pass the striker above shoulder height; a bumper
    Citation ‘First Willis bowled a perfect bouncer at Chappell, not too short and dead straight. Chappell, protecting his face, could only lob the ball up for Taylor’ (Brearley 1982)
    Citation ‘What’s the point of bowling a bouncer over someone’s shoulder? Up by his chest or by his neck, that’s when a batsman sometimes has to play’ (Michael Holding, interviewed in Cricinfo Magazine April 2006)
    See also short-pitched


  • noun a dud cheque, in debt collectors’, underworld and police jargon all over the English-speaking world


  • noun somebody at the door of a club, whose job it is to prevent non-members or other unwanted guests from entering