General English


  • noun a line or marker that indicates the limits of something


  • noun the limits of the playing area, marked by a line, fence, or rope, or in some other way; reference can be made to particular sections of the boundary in terms of the nearest fielding position (thus, the third man boundary, the mid-wicket boundary, and so on)
  • noun a shot by the batsman that sends the ball across the boundary
    Citation ‘He is batting with concentration, too, and rips a beautiful boundary straight past the bowler’ (Moorhouse 1979)
    Citation ‘Sobers, now 57, was at the ground to see his record broken, and strode immediately to the crease to congratulate Lara when the batsman pulled Chris Lewis for the boundary which pushed his name to the top of Wisden’s most famous list’ (Michael Henderson, Times 19 April 1994)
  • noun the distance from the wicket to a particular point on the boundary
    Citation ‘Wasim’s driving to the long, straight boundary of the Adelaide Oval was as powerful as anything ever seen on the ground’ (Derek Hodgson, Wisden 1993)
    See also six


  • The border where things meet, or where one thing ends and the other begins. For instance, the border where p and n type semiconductor materials meet.
  • A line or set of values which depict the limits which a parameter may reach, such as the modulation envelope of a signal.
  • The limit that a parameter may reach, such as the highest frequency of a band.


  • noun a line marking the edge of a piece of land owned by someone


  • noun a real or imaginary line which marks the limits of a grouping’s area of responsibility

Real Estate

  • noun the official line that divides one area of land from another


  • noun the outer limit of the playing area of a cricket pitch