box office


Media Studies

  • noun the office in a cinema, theatre or concert-hall where the public can buy tickets
  • noun the income generated from ticket sales for an entertainment event


  • The office in the foyer of a theater where tickets are purchased.Also called the ticket office or booking office,it is generally open from 10 a.m. until the evening performance andis run by the box-office manager and his assistants. The term alsorefers to the evening's receipts from ticket sales. A consistentlysuccessful play or performer may be described as 'good box office'(see boffo).

    The earliest form of box office in Britain was the 'pay box'introduced in the 18th century. Most theaters had three of these smallcubicals to collect money from customers in the pit, boxes, and gallery.


  • noun an office at a theatre or cinema where tickets can be bought