break in


General English



  • (written as break-in)
    In brick masonry, a void or socket to accept a timber.


  • (written as break-in)
    A period within which new components, devices, systems, and so on, are operated and/or tested to verify proper functioning. During this interval, adjustments may be made, and frequently, deficient components will fail, avoiding some future problems. Also called burn-in (1).
  • (written as break-in)
    In communications, an interruption of a transmission by the receiving station. May be used, for instance, to request a retransmission.


  • noun
    (written as break-in)
    the crime of breaking into a house
  • verb to go into a building by force in order to steal

Media Studies

  • verb to interrupt another programme to broadcast something such as a news flash


  • verb to use force to enter a building or vehicle