General English

General Science


  • noun an act of stopping working because of mechanical failure
  • noun an act of showing details item by item

Cars & Driving

  • noun failure of a mechanism or a vehicle


  • A term used to define the separation of a project or an estimate into parts.


  • A failure to function, or a sudden change resulting in a failure to function.
  • A disruptive electrical discharge through an insulator, dielectric, or other material separating circuits. Also called puncture (1).
  • A disruptive electrical discharge between the electrodes of an electron tube.
  • A substantial and abrupt increase in electric current produced by a small increase in voltage. Also called electric breakdown (1).
  • In a semiconductor exposed to an electric field, the cumulative multiplication of free charge carriers. Also called avalanche breakdown.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a summary, explanation or analysis of data items collected


  • noun a situation in which something such as discussions or negotiations fail or begin to fail


  • noun physical and mental collapse
  • noun an analysis of an organization


  • noun a list that shows e.g. the cost of something item by item