General English

General Science

  • noun the luminance of an object which can be seen on a screen


  • noun the intensity of the light emitted by an image on a screen


  • The visual perception of more or less light emitted from a source. The more light subjectively perceived, the greater the brightness.
  • The perceived brightness (1) from a screen, such as that of a TV or computer monitor.
  • The total light emitted or reflected from a surface in a given direction, per unit of projected area. The measurement must be made from the same direction the light is emitted from. May be expressed in foot-lamberts. luminance (1) is the term currently used for this concept.
  • The ability of a sound reproduction system to accurately reproduce higher frequencies. Also called brilliance (2).
  • In sound reproduction, an excess of higher frequencies, which may impart a shrillness to the listening experience.
  • synonymbrilliance
  • On a screen, the extent of brightness (2) and clarity perceived.