General English


  • noun a plant of the brassica type that exists in several varieties. One is the winter-grown type of cauliflower. Other varieties include sprouting broccoli, of which there are purple and white kinds, the plants making their curds on numbers of side shoots. perennial broccoli grows into large plants and forms a number of quite large cauliflower-like heads each season for two or three years.


  • A brassica related to cauliflower which exists in two forms, the heading or calabrese type and the sprouting type, Brassica oleraceae var. italica. The sprouting varieties are harvested in spring after overwintering and consist of small immature purple or green tight clusters of miniature flowers which branch from a thick 1 m tall main stem. They are cut repeatedly for use as a vegetable or salad item until they become too small to be of use. Eaten raw, boiled, steamed, cold or hot.


  • noun money
  • noun marihuana


  • noun a vegetable that has a cluster of tight green, purple or white flower buds on the end of a broad stalk