General English


  • verb to propagate plants by grafting a bud from one plant in place of a bud on the stock of another plant


  • noun cannabis, marihuana. The use of the word is probably inspired by the appearance of the flowering heads and round seeds of marihuana plants.


  • a very young shoot on a plant, which may be dormant, that will later become a leaf or flower
  • to propagate plants by grafting a piece of stem with a bud from one plant into the stem of another plant

Origin & History of “bud”

Bud is something of a mystery word. It appears in the late 14th century, with no apparent English ancestors. Various suggestions have been put forward as to its origin, including Old French boter ‘push forward, thrust’ (a distant relative of English button). Similarities have also been noted to Old English budd ‘beetle’ and Sanskrit bhūri ‘abundant’. But the question remains open. The American colloquial form of address bud is short for buddy (19th c.), probably itself an alteration of brother.