Buffalo Bill



  • noun a till or cash box. An item of market traders’ rhyming slang recorded in the mid-1990s. A synonym from the same environment is Benny Hill.


  • Nickname of William Frederick Cody (1846 - 1917), the Americanshowman and frontiersman. He earned his nickname after killing, athis estimate, 4280 buffaloes in 18 months, while supplying food forlabourers constructing the Kansas Pacific Railway in 1867 - 68.Born in Iowa, Cody worked variously as a horse wrangler, pony-expressrider, and prospector in the Pikes Peak gold rush. During and afterthe American Civil War, he served in the US cavalry as a scout incampaigns with General Custer. In 1876 Cody killed the Cheyenne chief,Yellow Hand, in a duel; he later commented "Jerking his war-bonnetoff, I scientifically scalped him in about five seconds."

    Cody's fame was largely based on The Buffalo Bill Stories,five-cent novels that often took his heroic actions into the realmof fantasy. He was a superb showman who capitalized on the publicityin 1883 by organizing a spectacular Wild West Show that travelledthroughout the US; the show featured cowboys and Indians, sharpshooters,and rodeo roughriders. Among the troupe's performers was the markswomanAnnie Oakley, the eponymous heroine of Annie Get Your Gun.