General English

General Science

  • verb to make a construction
  • verb to develop software



  • A version of a program which is still undergoing testing. Usually designated by a combination of letters and numbers, such as 1.103b. Sometimes refers to a completed version of a program.


  • noun the general size and shape of a person’s body


  • verb to make a list by publishing a series of titles

Real Estate

  • verb to make a structure by fitting the parts of it together
  • verb to have a building or other structure made

Origin & History of “build”

In common with a wide range of other English words, including bower, booth, and the – bour of neighbour, build comes ultimately from the Germanic base *- ‘dwell’. A derivative of this, Germanic *buthlam, passed into Old English as bold, which meant ‘house’; the verb formed from this, byldan, thus originally meant ‘construct a house’, and only gradually broadened out in meaning to encompass any sort of structure.