• noun a dividing partition across the structure of the fuselage separating one compartment from another for reasons of safety or strength

Cars & Driving

  • noun a panel at the rear of the engine compartment that spans the full width of the body and extends vertically from the scuttle down to the front edge of the floorpan or the toeboard; also used for the panel behind the rear seat separating the passenger cabin from the boot


  • A horizontal or inclined door providing outside access to a cellar or shaft.
  • A partition in concrete forms to separate placings.
  • A structureon the roof of a building to provide headroom over a stairwell or other opening.
  • A low structure on a roof covering a shaft or protruding service equipment.
  • A retaining structure that protects a dredged area from earth movement.


  • noun an internal wall in a ship or aircraft