General English


  • noun a repayment of the capital of a loan when it matures


  • noun a symbol, often a filled circle ● or square ■, placed in front of a line of text and used to draw attention to a particular line in a list

Information & Library Science

  • noun a large printed dot used to highlight items in a printed list

Media Studies

  • noun a printed dot placed before a line of text to highlight it, e.g., at the beginning of a paragraph or to introduce an item in a list.


  • noun a projectile fired by a pistol, rifle or machine-gun

Origin & History of “bullet”

Etymologically, a bullet is a ‘little ball’. It comes from French boulette, a diminutive form of boule ‘ball’, from which English also gets bowl, as in the game of bowls. It originally meant ‘cannon-ball’ as well as ‘rifle or pistol projectile’, but this sense had effectively died out by the mid-18th century.