General English

  • noun a protective bar on the front and back of a car

Cars & Driving

  • noun previously a separate metal bar or blade at the front or rear of a vehicle, now a reinforced impact-absorbing plastic moulding faired in to the bodywork, with the purpose of protecting bodywork and absorbing impacts, at least at low speeds


  • noun a very large crop


  • A device, other than a spring or oil buffer, used to absorb impact from an elevator or counterweight.
  • The rubber silencer on a door frame.


  • noun a fast short-pitched ball; a bouncer
    Citation ‘There is a very great deal more in Fast-Leg-Theory than the mere delivery of “leg-side bumpers” — a feat, I should imagine, of which any lusty yokel is capable’ (Larwood 1933, pp 181–2)
  • noun any ball that rises steeply off the wicket after pitching; a ‘bumping’ ball
    Citation ‘From the fact of the ground not being a good one, the “bumpers” of Lillywhite could not be mastered’ (Bell’s Life 18 August 1855)

Media Studies

  • noun a short separating device such as a piece of music, after and before a commercial break in a radio or television programme


  • noun a cigarette end