General English


  • A group of similar things that form a cluster.
  • A group of electrons that form a cluster. Also called electron bunch.


  • verb to stand or move in close proximity to each other, thus presenting a good target for machine-guns and artillery


  • noun a cluster of things tied together
  • noun a cluster of fruit on the same stem


  • a cluster of grape berries

Origin & History of “bunch”

Bunch originally meant ‘swelling’ (the first text recorded as containing the word, the middle English poem Body and Soul 1325, speaks of ragged folk ‘with broad bunches on their back’), but we have no real clues as to its source. perhaps, like bump, it was ultimately imitative of the sound of hitting something, the sense ‘swelling’ being the result of the blows. The first hints of the modern sense ‘cluster, collection’ come in the mid-15th century in the phrase bunch of straw, although how this derived from ‘swelling’ is not clear.