• noun the action of selling various financial services together as a package, such as a mortgage and house insurance

Health Economics

  • (written as Bundling)
    This is an alternative method of remunerating providers to fee-for-service (FFS) and capitation that seeks to overcome some of the disadvantages of FFS (as when patients have to cope with fees due to several providers between whom there may be little coordination) while avoiding the alleged risk, with capitation, of underprovision. Bundled payment systems require a single payment for all services related to a spell of treatment or a condition, possibly spanning multiple providers in multiple settings. They are also known as 'case rates' or 'episode-based payments'.


  • noun putting several items together to form a package deal, especially offering software as part of the purchase of computer hardware


  • noun the act of tying items up into bundles for transport, such as packs of newspapers or magazines
  • noun the act of stacking printed and folded sections for storage until required, with the foredge alternately to the right and left side of the stack so that the pile stays flat
  • noun the act of pressing sewn signatures so that they lie flat