General English


  • The sausage casing made from the large intestine being, about 50 mm in diameter from a pig (hog bung) or 75 to 100 mm in diameter from beef (ox bung). Used for large diameter sausages, e.g. Bologna, liver sausage, haggis, etc.


  • noun a bribe. A term used by police officers and criminals, almost always to refer to a bribe being given to a policeman. This normally implies something more substantial than a drink. The earlier verb form to bung (someone), meaning to bribe or pay protection money to, is now rare but not yet obsolete.


  • noun an illicit fee paid to a football player, manager or agent to facilitate a player transfer


  • a stopper used to seal the small opening in a barrel through which the barrel is filled and emptied. Made of hardwood or rubber, the bung prevents the wine from oxidising.