General English

  • noun a child’s name for a rabbit


  • noun a late order batsman with little or no batting skill; a rabbit
    Citation ‘He may be regarded as a bunny, but Glenn McGrath is the only No.11 Test batsman to provide six instances of helping a partner reach a century.’ (Kersi Meher-Homji & Rajesh Kumar, Cricinfo Blogs 30 December 2005)
  • noun a batsman who has been repeatedly dismissed by a particular bowler
    Citation ‘He [Hoggard] can officially call Sehwag his bunny now after getting him for the sixth time in Tests’ (John Stern, Cricinfo 19 March 2006)


  • noun incessant talking, chatter. This is a later version of rabbit (a shortening of the rhyming slang ‘rabbit and pork’: talk). As rabbit entered non-cockney colloquial speech, so working-class Londoners adopted this more raffish alternative. It is sometimes used in the verb form.